ydraulic Sheet Bending Press C-Type -  Small Size

Hydraulic Sheet Bending Press C-Type Small Size

Bending pressing is a manufacturing process to give shapes to sheet metals or ductile materials.Here the product/material which is to be pressed is placed over a die block and die block presses the sheet to form a particular shape. There are three types of bending, coining, bottoming and air bending.

Products like electrical enclosures are made using sheet bending press. The presses are supplied as complete units fitted with high & low pressure, pump with electric motor, pressure gauge, limit switch, control valve ,micro switch, roller switch and oil tank connecting pipes.

Small Size 30 TON

Capacity In Tonnes Platen Size
(in mm)
Piston Stroke
(in mm)
Power Required
(in h.p.)
Thickness Max In Bending Sheet
(in mm)
Deeping Size
(in mm)
30 600 x 450 250 3 0 to 4 mm 550
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