Rotary Actuator

Rotary Actuator

VISHAL HYDRO SYSTEMS offers two series in hydraulic Rotary actuators standard SM series for extremely heavy duty application like steel mills.

Standard Features

• Actuator bores size costumers’ requirements.
• Integral shaft with pinion supports on taper roller bearings.
• Rack and pinion of chrome alloy steel.
• Rugged steel housing.
• Phosphor bronze liner for rack.
• Thermoplastic polyurethane piston seals.
• Piston guided with bronze filled P.T.F.E bearings strips.


• Maximum operating pressure 210kg/cm.
• Standard rotation -90°-180°-360°
• Rotation tolerance - +2°- 0°
• Timing keyway located at 10.00 position at midstock of actuator

Hydraulic Hand Shearing
Hydraulic Hand Shearing

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